Port Chicago and the John Muir House

Port Chicago.  We're vistiing for the annual memorial service.  The site is on an active military base and difficult to visit. Port Chicago.  List of those killed or missing. Port Chicago.   On July 17, 1944, an explosion here killed 320 people and started the path to integration of the U.S. Military. Port Chicago.  Remains of the dock that was destroyed by the explosion. Port Chicago.  Ringing the bell during the memorial service. Port Chicago.
Port Chicago.  The memorial. Port Chicago. Most of those killed were African American. Port Chicago.  With the memorial service concluded, we now have a view of the memorial and the nearby water and mountains. Port Chicago. After lunch in downtown Martinez, we visitied the John Muir House. John Muir Home.
John Muir Home.  Contrary to what you would expect, he was loaded. John Muir Home.  After wandering Yosemite and the country, he finally married in his earlier 40s. John Muir Home.  While he married a wealthy woman, he ran the family agriculture buisness very well. John Muir Home. John Muir Home.  View from the bell tower. John Muir Home.  Ring ring!
John Muir Home. John Muir Home. John Muir Home. The Vicente Martinez Adobe on the grounds of the John Muir estate.